Sunday, June 11, 2006

Library Signs

Library Signs
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So, I decided to stop in at the new location of my home library.
How had it changed?

I entered the building, passing the "no food or drink" sign.
Uh oh, I just picked up carry out. (Which was in my tote bag.) I hope they don't smell my dinner!

As i entered the vestibule area, I observed a display case filled with summer reading prizes for the kids, a brochure rack with mostly county info, and the restrooms.

Are reciprocal borrowers allowed to use the facilities? Do they accept cards from Indiana, or does it have to be a valid MLS card?
What if you came to the library to apply for a card, and decided you needed to use the bathroom?
Back when I first moved here, they would take all your info, then make all the cards once a week. I'm not sure if that has changed.

This gets better. I entered the main part of the library, passed the circulation desk. (where I was not greeted, nor smiled at.. nothing)

Oh, here's a little room with a few computers! I walked in and began taking a look around. I didn't touch anything, nor sit down at any of the terminals. A staff member yelled to me from the Circ Desk. You can't go in there, you have to check them out.
(That's all I'm doing.. checking them out!) Yeah, I couldn't resist. :)

No signage on the room indicated that I needed to signup anywhere to even enter the computer room. The door was wide open.

I then proceeded to look around, and I seriously could not find the non-fiction books. The place is not that big, but what threw me off was the J Fic, was on one side of a row of shelves, and non-fic was on the other.

I truly hope they add user-friendly signage.

I saw a lone computer pretty much in the middle of the building, but the screen was dim, and I wasn't going to press my luck.

I browsed through the new book shelf, then left.
Just as I got to the outer door, someone from circ told me to have a nice evening.

On the just-a-few-blocks walk home, I was approached by a total stranger who offered me a ride. I offered to call the police and let them know he was offering rides.

(I listen to the scanner sometimes when hubby is on fire calls, and on several occasions the police have been dispatched to have a chat with a guy in the general neighborhood of the library who is offering young girls rides.)

Tune in next time to see what happens when I use my cell phone in the library (just to access the weather, I won't make a call, I promise). They currently do not have "no cell phone" signs.


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